September 8, 2022

Transatlantic Ponderings.

There is something ceremonial about a flight, especially a long haul flight. The time to just be. The time without distraction, without internet, without anything to keep me anchored to ‘life’. I’ve often found as I take off to go somewhere new that a sense of peace comes over me, a sense of freedom, a sense of truly living.

This time was no different. The only difference I guess was that this time I no longer have a ‘home’ to anchor to back in London. I made the decision to pack it all up and rent out my place for a year to see where the tide takes me. I have a month’s accommodation booked, the rest is to be seen.

What a life we live that this is now possible. That it’s possible to create a life where your work isn’t chained to a location. That your clients cheer you on from the side lines for making choices that, perhaps, inspire them to make similar bold choices in their own lives. What a magic life this is.

I sometimes wonder how it is that I got to this life.

How I went from having a pretty damn great existence but knowing deep down that something wasn’t right, to living this magical, freeing, who the hell knows where this will take me, life.

I was pondering on this as I packed up my flat, sifting through the self development books, the used journals and the seemingly endless supplies of strange superfoods.

The truth… is that, without really recognising it, I’ve been working through my own chains for a long time.

I’ve been working through the knots in my mind for a long time

I’ve been ironing out the creases that were stopping me from taking chances

I’ve been questioning my beliefs, my thoughts, my ideas of what a perfect life looks like

I’ve been committed to this work for a long time. Something drew me to it. An inkling that there was more to life than what I’d been experiencing. A knowing of some kind.

There is nothing more magical that you can give yourself than starting to work on yourself. Nothing.

No bonus, no first class flight, no 5* hotel will ever compare to the freedom and lightness that comes with the deepest knowing that 99% of what your mind tells you is BS and that in all honesty, life is magical, if you give yourself permission to see it that way.

L x

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