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If you notice a little flutter inside you, a little pang in the heart or a….ooooh maybe this is it. Follow that nudge, the universe speaks in wild ways and I would LOVE to connect with you…with zero pressure to commit to anything of course.

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"You skilfully adapted the sessions to what I needed, shared relevant follow-up materials/sources, and strategically incorporated breathwork to generate the highest impact. During the 3 months, the work felt smooth and effortless; in hindsight, relevant shifts happened that would have required much more work and taken much longer (if at all) if it hadn't been for your guidance."

⎯ Elena, Financial Services

"Lucy changed the trajectory of my life. Sounds dramatic, but she really did! I've gone from feeling burnt out, stuck and emotionally drained to confident, energetic and excited about the future again. Dive in, open your heart, let Lucy guide you, I'm so glad I did!"

⎯ Caroline, Project Manager in Financial Services

"Thanks to the continued work I have done with Lucy I found the confidence to ask for a 12 month sabbatical from my current job and during that time have pursued those things that I love and which spark joy and interest within me. This has taken me down a path of self improvement and learning that I did not think I would be on, but one which I am wholeheartedly loving being immersed in. I would never have had the courage to do this without Lucy's help."

⎯ Helen, Financial Services

"Three sessions with Lucy have brought me a sense of calm I haven't had in a very long time. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the magic that is breathwork, but the few sessions that I have done with Lucy have gone beyond anything I have ever imagined possible."

⎯ Will, Lawyer