Every morning we wake to the blank canvas of life and at every moment there is a choice to paint the same as yesterday, or to create something different

For a long time, I painted the same as yesterday, daily. Stuck in the waiting room. Feeling as if life was about to start, it must be about to start… right? The years passed, and I still felt like it hadn’t started. Then one day, something changed, and rather than seeing life as being something that happened to me, it became something I could create. And from that moment… it began, and I made it my mission to support others in doing the same



Self confessed overachiever here. Life was made up of high flying jobs, top grades and beautiful holidays. I had it all. But even with it all, there was a little whisper… ‘this isn’t right, there must be more to life than this’. So I went hunting, and there was…so much more. Life was more. I was more. And you and your life are too. I know it.

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Feeling meh? This is a little practice I do to get me back in the flow of life when I feel like I need a little boost. A little pepping up gift. 


"I've gone from feeling burnt out, stuck and emotionally drained to confident, energetic and excited about the future again. Dive in, open your heart, let Lucy guide you, I'm so glad I did!"

⎯ Caroline, Project Manager in Financial Services

"Lucy is an amazing coach, she is compassionate but also gives truthful insights without judgement. Her enthusiasm for what she does and for life is contagious. Thank you so much Lucy as you have truly changed my life for the better."

⎯ Helen, Financial Services

"Three sessions with Lucy have brought me a sense of calm I haven't had in a very long time. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the magic that is breathwork, but the few sessions that I have done with Lucy have gone beyond anything I have ever imagined possible."

⎯ Will, Lawyer

How I work

Liberate Private Coaching Program

You are done feeling like you're waiting for life to start. You are done with feeling like you're perpetually celebrating everyone else's lives and there never being room for your own. You are done with feeling this inner ache that something has to change. You are done feeling like you're on the sidelines of life. You are done with feeling as if it's never going to happen for you.

This is for you..

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Cracked open..It's hard to put into words what I've experienced through this practice of breath. There aren't any words that can do it justice. Life changing. Paradigm Shifting. Magical. All apt in and of themselves, yet they fall so short of the enormity of the experience and, if anything, feel a little twee. And then there is a part of me that still wants to question how on earth it's even possible to have experienced what I have through this practice through.... breathing alone. But down in the depths of myself, I know it to be true.

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Group Programs

Watch this space...  something juicy is coming

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Corporate Workshops

I have walked the walk. I now walk a different walk, but the corporate walk is still within me. What this means is that I have sat through far too many slightly dry, textbook presentations on ‘what kind of communicator are you?’ to subsequently leave the room with an inbox full to the brim and a vague sense of having been short changed my time. This is not my vibe. I bring material that will inspire, educate and actually be applicable day to day… because I know the day to day. 

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