On paper, I had it all.. the job, the flat, the salary, the holiday...yet all the while there was a niggling inside of me. A little voice saying ‘there has to be more than this, this can’t be it… can it?’ So, as every self confessed overachiever would, I dived 150m deep into looking for answers, and answers I found.

My life flipped 180, I left my career, left my flat, retrained, moved abroad, started a business and I’m now on a mission to support others to remember how beautiful this life really is, and to live it by choice rather than by obligation.


We always have a choice, in everything. In how we live this life, in what we do, in how we act, in who we speak to, in how we speak to them. There is always this premise of choice. Yet so often, we lose sight of the choice we hold, and start to live through obligation. 

We do jobs we don’t like because that’s what everyone does. We spend time with people who drain us, because we are scared we won’t meet any other friends. We react to what people say in ways we then regret. We run around after other people and then resent the fact nobody ever does anything for us.

Why? Because we’re living in a paradigm that we created for ourselves as children. A safe zone. Where the priorities of life were very different to the priorities we hold now. But the thing is, we aren’t taught how to become an just happens, yet we are left with old patterned behaviours from childhood. 

This work is all about becoming who you truly are. Stepping into a version of life which you chose and empowering you to continue to make choices which are more deeply aligned to the version of you that you are becoming, so that every stroke of paint on the canvas of your life is a conscious choice, and in turn, the most beautiful canvas you’ve ever created.

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“It’s about helping people remember how beautiful life can be...”

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Whole Person

Thoughts create reality. Indeed they do. But thoughts create reality through creating emotions which are felt in the body: the pang in the gut, the tight chest, the butterflies in the stomach. Emotions then go on to drive behaviour. If we want to change behaviour… you bet we have to work with emotions, and therefore.. with the body.

Trauma Informed

Trauma is anything that has happened to us in life which resulted in us disconnecting from the true essence of who we are. If our goal is to reconnect you to that truest essence so you can live from that version of you.. understanding and working with our own trauma is a rite of passage.

You are pure potential

I am in no way a spiritual teacher, but spirituality is a key pillar to how I work with people. Why? Because I see you as pure potential, with some behaviours that were picked up along the way that are holding you back. My job is to help you connect to the pure potential that exists within you already. This means it’s not about becoming something new, but about letting go of what isn’t inherently you.

Walking with you

I teach from what I have learnt for myself. I am not a guru. I have not got everything sorted. What I do have though, is a deep and full commitment to my own evolution through life. I commit to it daily. Through the highs and the lows. What I teach is what I have fully and deeply experienced myself - it’s not just exercises pulled from a textbook. More than anything, I walk alongside my clients as a companion and friend, just a friend who has learnt a lot about humans.

Empowering you to lead

I am here to empower you. I am here to give you tools so that you can empower yourself. I believe that in sharing the secrets of what I have absorbed over years of doing this for myself, I can empower you to lead yourself in life. I will teach you what I know. As much of it as I possibly can so that you can lead yourself. You are the leader of your life. Not me.



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"You skilfully adapted the sessions to what I needed, shared relevant follow-up materials/sources, and strategically incorporated breathwork to generate the highest impact. During the 3 months, the work felt smooth and effortless; in hindsight, relevant shifts happened that would have required much more work and taken much longer (if at all) if it hadn't been for your guidance."

⎯ Elena, Financial Services

"Lucy changed the trajectory of my life. Sounds dramatic, but she really did! I've gone from feeling burnt out, stuck and emotionally drained to confident, energetic and excited about the future again. Dive in, open your heart, let Lucy guide you, I'm so glad I did!"

⎯ Caroline, Project Manager in Financial Services

"Thanks to the continued work I have done with Lucy I found the confidence to ask for a 12 month sabbatical from my current job and during that time have pursued those things that I love and which spark joy and interest within me. This has taken me down a path of self improvement and learning that I did not think I would be on, but one which I am wholeheartedly loving being immersed in. I would never have had the courage to do this without Lucy's help."

⎯ Helen, Financial Services

"Three sessions with Lucy have brought me a sense of calm I haven't had in a very long time. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the magic that is breathwork, but the few sessions that I have done with Lucy have gone beyond anything I have ever imagined possible."

⎯ Will, Lawyer